Providence Pediatrics announces the closing of our office as of December 31, 2016 due to the transfer of Linda Rexford, M.D. and Joanna Schatz, M.D. to

1 Commerce St. Lincoln, R.I. 02865

and to the Retirement of Richard Dvorin, M.D. and Mary Nugent, N.P.

What's New

Charts for patients who already have had a copy of their record sent to a new physician will have their original chart stored at Gorwood. Any questions? Call Gorwood at 401-333-9090.

Charts for patients not seen in the last three years are available from Gorwood Systems. Call Gorwood at 401-333-9090 for more information.
After December 31, 2016, charts of patients seen at Providence Pediatrics during the last three years will be available from Anchor Pediatrics in Lincoln, 401-793-8484, where the charts will be transferred at the time of the closing of Providence Pediatrics.

Patients seen at Providence Pediatrics in the last three years may opt to become patients of Anchor Pediatrics by downloading and completing the transfer form in the PDF below.

The release form in the PDF below could also be used to request a chart transfer to another practice.

release form